If you want Weight loss Guaranteed to work, then there are 10 KEY FACTORS TO GUARANTEE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS PLAN WORKS

Weight loss Guaranteed to Work

Welcome to your 10 step Check list for Weight loss guaranteed to work, no matter which approach you take! These have been identified as crucial to ensure weight loss guaranteed to work as well as helping you to choose an approach that is right for you, and also to provide weight loss guaranteed quickly and stay off in the long run!

So here’s what you need to do for weight loss guaranteed to work


Before you start, Take measurements & weight yourself!  Get real with yourself, your waist measurement and the number on the scales. It does not define you, so it’s not something to be afraid of, embrace where you’re at right now, BELIEVING, TRUSTING, KNOWING weight loss guaranteed to work requires a start point and from here the only way is down, in size that is! It’s super important to have a baseline so that you can check in to ensure you are getting week by week results, because if you’re not the program or plan you are attempting isn’t working or you’re doing something wrong! Important stuff you need to know, don’t make the scales your enemy, they are a tool which will help you reach your goal faster!


For weight loss guaranteed to work, you need to aim high, but be realistic, push yourself, but don’t set yourself up for failure. Depending on which Weight loss program or eating plan approach you go for will determine how fast you can realistically lose the weight, but go into it with a clear goal. Write your goals up and stick them on your fridge, your bathroom mirror, closet door, somewhere you see often, along with some visual images of your ideal body to keep you striving!


Choose someone who motivates you, not someone who scares you. You want your success to be from a place of triumph not turmoil. But it also has to be someone you respect, someone you are happy to take advice from and someone who you will listen to, not someone you can easily shrug off or someone who you know triggers your emotional blocks ie anger, frustration, guilt, shame. Ask this person to check in on your REGULARLY, that might be weekly, it might be daily, YOU KNOW BEST, how often you need to be lifted, encouraged and made accountable. For weight loss guaranteed to work I recommend weekly check ins at the very least.


Do you know what your weight loss blocks are? 95% of people have one, outside of just eating the wrong food, usually there is an underlying weakness or health issue in the body. Is your thyroid working up to scratch? Do you have a sluggish liver? Adrenal glands shot? Attempting any old weight loss program expecting results if your poor system isn’t healthy can sometimes do more harm than good or at the very least will set you up for failure. For weight loss guaranteed to work, I highly recommend choosing a weight loss program which has HEALTH as the key underlying goal, with rapid weight loss merely the handy side effect, choose a program that has been created by a qualified Naturopath or Nutritionist, not a multi-level marketing scheme with a one size fits all approach being flogged by any untrained, unqualified Tom, Dick or Harry who is chasing a get rich quick result and doesn’t actually have your health in mind! These people are trained in sales and motivational speaking but they are not qualified to identify underlying health blocks like blood sugar imbalances, acidity issues, food intolerance’s etc. Invest in a private consultation with a reputable therapist if you unsure or better yet employ a health coach or enlist in a weight loss mentoring program. For weight loss guaranteed to work check out these health orientated programs.


Don’t wing it if you want weight loss guaranteed to work, you deserve better than that, make it a focused 100% effort to lose the weight first time, and don’t do it halfheartedly. Research suggests that ‘yo-yo’ dieting messes with your metabolism and emotional well being, let’s be honest it’s a bit of a head f#$k jumping from one size to the next every couple of months, don’t’ put yourself through the stress and emotional turmoil of crash dieting.


Are you a hot chips and gravy kinda person or is sugar your poison? Get these things out of the house or avoid situations and events that you know will expose you to these foods. Temporarily change your social habitats in order for weight loss guaranteed to work,  it’s not forever but it’s much easier to maintain weight loss than lose it, so some short term sacrifices might be in order if you don’t’ trust your will power. Remember it’s not forever and once you understand ‘moderation’ you can go back to your favorite things.


Know exactly what you are doing, start something that has been created by someone with knowledge of how the body actually works and an extensive understanding of weight loss BEYOND calories! There’s no time for second guessing yourself. This might mean employing a health coach, Nutritionist or Naturopath or enrolling in a professional weight loss program which educates and motivates and monitors your progress. Unfortunately there are lots of rubbish ‘lose fat fast’ promises out there that are harmful for your health and results are short lived.  It will cost you far less in the long run if you do it properly the first time. Plus if you value yourself and health enough to invest a little time, effort and money into your success you are more likely to stick to the plan & achieve results! YOU ARE WORTH IT.


A little crude I know, but organisation and meal prep is pivotal for weight loss guaranteed to work. Preparation and prior planning will prevent sneaking puddings or any other cheat meals for that matter. Remember when we are hungry and unorganized is when we fall off the wagon and binge.


Understand your body and exercise capabilities and what best supports your weight loss program and eating plan to ensure weight loss guaranteed to work. There is such a thing as over exercising if your adrenals are already malfunctioning. Don’t under exercise either. If you are someone that doesn’t have time to exercise, implement quick daily activities ie taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, do your house work with more intensity. Consider making exercise enjoyable by joining a social sporting team, or take a group yoga or karate class. Hire a personal trainer to make you accountable or if you have no energy or strength to exercise, choose a weight loss program which actually works best without exercise ie ‘Reveal Me’ Weight Loss Program


Don’t make your designated Weight loss period about Dieting. Focus on the other things in your life that excite you and do more of those as a distraction! Like enjoying quality family time or doing fun activities which don’t include eating.  For example if you are tackling a 6 week weight loss program, maybe also commit to doing a 6 week hobby class of something you love, that way you can focus on that and the changed eating plan and weight loss activities are not your main focus and you have other things in life to look forward to, not just food! Or implement weekly rewards LIKE, going to see a movie once a week or purchasing a new outfit, shouting yourself a massage or facial, going fishing or playing golf – for your weight loss period, BE SELFISH, put yourself first, put any possible work commitments or chores on the back burner temporarily so that you can enjoy life too, because if your diet period is all work, deprivation and no play, that’s not an example of weight loss guaranteed to work, you will fail and that’s a fact! Check out some examples of weight loss guaranteed to work here! 

Written by Stacey Foat

‘The Healthy Living Expert’

Naturopath & Nutritionist advice for Weight loss guaranteed to work.