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Transform ME – The Meal Replacement Weight Loss Manual:

Everything you need to know about the Transform Me program

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The Transformational Recipe Book

The Transformational Recipe Book 

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Transform Me – DELUXE Supplements

TransformME: Organic, raw, alkalysing, vegan protein powder

Additional Well being Supplements

Along with TransformME, the organic, vegan protein powder which you will use as a key ingredient of your meal replacement smoothies and soups, there are an additional 4 powerful well being supplements that we like you to take for the duration of this program to assist you to achieve your weight loss goals quickly, but most importantly, safely.

This program is about restoring health and well being and not just changing your body shape, so it is important that we support the body systems with gentle detoxification and cleansing, re-mineralizing the cells and correcting nutritional deficiencies, alkalizing the tissues and reducing systemic inflammation, the major driver of disease.


Why Do I need DetoxME?

A blend of herbs, functional super foods and nutrients to alkalyse the system and support healthy detoxification.

  • Stimulates Liver Detoxification
  • Up-regulates Liver detoxification pathways
  • Heals the liver
  • Supports the elimination of toxins
  • Increases the livers ability to burn fat
  • Improves energy levels
  • Supports healthy bowel clearance
  • Improves digestive health

Directions & Dosage Instructions:

1 teaspoon daily

Mix with water and drink after dinner, everyday. This product is best taken after eating food to prevent any possibility of queasiness. And ideally taken in the evenings as the liver is most active while we sleep.

Serving Suggestions

Mix with a small amount of water and drink immediately.

DetoxME, can be mixed with your smoothie, throughout the day, although this may negatively affect the taste of the smoothie.

If you cannot tolerate the taste with water, you may add to freshly squeezed juice, but remember this will add calories to your daily food intake and may affect your weight loss results.


Why Do I Need HealME?

  • Potent anti-inflammatory activity
  • Pain relief
  • Contains the herb, Bladder-wrack to gently stimulate the thyroid gland and boost metabolism
  • Balances blood sugar levels
  • Reverses insulin resistance
  • Potent antioxidant to heal and protect at a cellular level

Directions & Dosage Instructions:

1 satchet daily

HealME can be taken at anytime of the day, with or without food.

Serving Suggestions:

HealME is really pleasant tasting, it can be taken as a warm tea, simply adding the satchet to a mug of hot, (not boiling) and drink.

It can also be added to cold water and drunk as a refreshing tonic.

HealME is also tasty enough to be added to your smoothies.


Why do I need to take SaturateME?

High potency, pure EPA/DHA essential fatty acid supplement

  • Increases metabolism for enhances fat burning
  • Reduces blood triglycerides
  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • Improves energy levels
  • Fights inflammation
  • Reduces joint pain and muscular aches
  • Improves memory and concentration
  • Can suppress appetite

Directions &  Dosage Instructions

2 – 4 capsules daily

Maintenance dose: 2 capsules daily

Therapeutic dose: 4 capsules – ideal for those with chronic inflammation, pain, high cholesterol or cardivovascular disease

Best taken after a meal, anytime of the day. Safe to take on an empty stomach although may cause burping/reflux in those with high stomach acid if done so.

Store SaturateME in the fridge to prevent any repeating or burping of fishy odor. 


Why Do I need EnergizeME?

Colloidal mineral formula 

  • Contains 77 different trace minerals
  • Highly absorbable nutrition
  • Increases energy levels
  • Floods the body with nutrition
  • Heals and restores at a cellular level
  • Pleasant tasting, with no flavour

Directions & Dosage Instructions:

15ml daily

These colloidal minerals can be taken at any time of the day, with or without food or on an empty stomach. Please note, due to the high content of zinc, in some very sensitive people it may cause some nausea on an empty stomach.

Serving Suggestions

Add to your smoothie

Add to your morning glass of water with some lemon juice

Take as a single 15ml shot



  • What are Macro-nutrients?
  • What are Micro-nutrients?
  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Carbohydrates
  • Super foods
  • The Acid – Alkaline Balance
  • The Glycemic Index

What are Macro-nutrients?

Macro-nutrients are the complex nutrients or foundational building blocks which make up our foods, these include: Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates. Additionally to these foods may contain fibre and water and and all the other nutrients within our food are called micro-nutrients, which are the vitamins, minerals, super foods and plant chemicals.

REAL FOOD will only contain any or all of of these items, processed foods will have additives such as fillers, preservatives, chemicals, flavour enhancers and sweeteners, but these are becoming a real problem within society, with consumption of these ‘non-food’ items increasing dramatically leading to poor health, disease and weight gain, because our bodies are being over loaded with chemicals which the liver and elimination systems simply cannot keep up with.

There is a huge difference between real food and processed foods, because a processed food will have a completely different outcome on the body, by which it requires further metabolism by the liver in order to even digest and process it and will upset the natural cellular environment including the pH, water level, nutrient balance and energy production within that cell.

A real wholefood, which has undergone NO processing, like an apple for example is digested with minimal effort by the body and digestive organs and the nutrients are easily absorbed, assimilated and utlilized by our cells and tissues to bring about positive change within the body.

Macro-nutrients are the major fuel utilized by the body to create energy. Proteins, fats and carbs are all digested very differently and utilized differently by different energy producing system, however they will all eventually provide a fuel which can be used by our brain, organs, tissues and cells to carry out their required functions.

Micro-nutrients, the sub nutrients: Vitamins, minerals, antioxidantss and phyto-chemicals (naturally occuring chemicals found within the body) anti-oxidants are almost like the finishing touches, these are utilised at a more intricate level, within the cells to assist with more specific processes, like transporting oxygen around the body, building our blood, producing white blood cells, healing tissue, producing enzymes and so on, there are literally millions of different processes which are occurring within our body, every single second which allows us as humans to simply exist, so the role of vitamins and minerals should never be under estimated, we CANNOT FUNCTION WITHOUT A CONSTANT ONGOING SUPPLY OF micro-nutrients, nor can we survive without macro-nutrients as they provide the energy to carry out all these functions as well as simple movement etc.

Too often we get caught up in counting or watching our calories, by measuring the amount of carbohydrate, fat or protein within our food choice, but this type of dieting can lead to ignoring the crucial content of vitamins and minerals within a food. It is EASY to consume macro-nutrients, all foods provide calories in the form of protein, fats or carbohydrates, this is impossible to avoid and crucial, however not all foods are created equally when it comes to micro-nutrient content, some are loaded with vitamins and minerals ie superfoods and some contain virtually nothing at all, like sugar jelly bean, which would contain zero vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals



Watch the Video to learn about the importance of Food glycemic index, supporting the liver and Adrenal health and nutrient content for healthy cells and a fully functioning body.


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What is Detoxification?


VIDEO: What is Detoxification?


With the implementation of the Transform Me dietary and lifestyle changes your body will be safely stepping into an increased phase of liver detoxification, which is super important for aiding your metabolism to burn fat and removing the stored toxins which are keeping your body fat.

Detoxification symptoms are quite common and normal and not indication that you are reacting badly to the eating plan or any of the supplements, so it is important to assist your body to safely remove these toxins by following the directions of the program and implementing any of the additional lifestyle recommended practices for the best results. These will not only accelerate the rate of fat burning, but they will also treat and prevent any potential detox side effects, which is merely the process of the body scavenging toxins from storage within fat cells and removing them out of the body so that you can burn the fat. Remember, we cannot utilize fat as an energy source if it is heavily overloaded with toxins.





Restlessness, Irritability

Sore joints

Skin breakouts: temporary worsening of current skin conditions, acne

Body odour or bad breathe

Interrupted Sleep Patterns

And that’s a wrap! Week one done – Keep up the great work


  1. DRINK 3-4 litres of filtered water everyday

This helps to flush out the toxins more quickly.


Try adding a pinch of this to your drinking water which rebalances electrolytes and eases dehydration symptoms ie headaches


This rapidly flushes out those circulating toxins which are causing the pain and discomfort. If you have a particularly painful side effect, Coffee Enemas also assist with pain management. You can do more than 1 a day if you have the opportunity, just ensure you are putting the minerals back in with a good quality magnesium, coconut water, cold pressed juice etc

  1. REST

Understand that while we are healing, restoring health and clearing out toxins there are a lot of extra metabolic processes occurring in your body, so rest, relax, reduce your workload and physical activity where possible. If you have sick leave up your sleave, use it!


It is advisable to avoid using panadol or any other pharmaceutical medication to ease pain where possible, as this will only slow down the detoxification process. Try RelieveME, a natural herbal pain relief and anti-inflammatory liquid remedy for fast acting pain relief. I recommend every household has a bottle of this on hand at home as their go to headache relief remedy.

6. Lavender Essential Oil

This gentle aromatic oil is a great all round home remedy for easing irritation, agitation, sleeplessness and headaches. Try rubbing a few drops on your temple before bed or massaging into the forehead for pain relief. You can also apply a few drops into your bath and enjoy a relaxing warm bath to help calm you down and distract you from a food craving or anxious moment.