Finally, the ease and convenience of a Meal Replacement program, without nutritionally depriving yourself and clogging up your system with processed mucus forming dairy based whey protein supplements and shonky synthetic vitamins!

Weight loss means nothing, if in the process you are depriving your health, starving your cells, deteriorating your health and creating poor dietary habits, which is why ANY weight loss program must meet certain Naturopathic Well being standards.

I see many well meaning weight loss enthusiasts take on radical programs which for the most part consist of ‘fake’ foods, synthetic supplements and highly processed whey protein powders and promise fast effective weight loss results, which often do work, only to have them 3-6 months down the track, completely regained the weight and as a result have metabolisms that no longer work, a sluggish toxic liver, stressed adrenal glands and a thyroid that is no longer responsive! Not exactly worth the short term weight loss results?

So How is ‘Transform Me’ any different to all the other Meal replacement Programs available on the highly saturated weight loss market?

Firstly, the program has been designed to improve health, not deplete health! The weight loss recipes, supplement protocol and key TransformME protein supplement has been put together by a qualified Nutritionist and Naturopath and is not promoted through ‘Network marketing’ schemes whereby any uneducated individual can jump on board and start promoting programs when they really have no understanding of how the human body works.

What separates ‘Transform Me’ from the rest of the pack?

  • Low carb and sugar free
  • Dairy free
  • Certified Organic
  • Contains NO Synthetic ‘fake’ vitamins
  • Rich in REAL nutrients to fuel your cells and boost health and energy
  • No artificial colours or sweeteners
  • Supports all the major essential fat burning processes of the body – liver, thyroid, blood sugar balance
  • Includes natural herbs, vitamins, antioxidants and foods which boost the metabolism
  • Huge source of naturally bio-fermented and live sprouted protein
  • Supports healthy digestion and beneficial gut bacteria
  • Easy to digest unlike most ‘whey’ based protein powders
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Alkalises the blood, which means no robbing your bones of calcium
  • Includes NO Soy, Nuts or genetically modified foods
  • Delicious smooth taste
  • Plan includes recipe variations for your shakes
  • Additional Meal plan to ensure your meal choices support the meal replacement shake
  • Easy to follow Manual for quick results and improved compliance and accountability
  • Naturopathically designed based on supporting health not just losing weight
  • Online Community support, with access to qualified Nutritionist to answer your questions

2 Amazing Programs for total Body and Life Transformation

Transform Me: DIY Weight Loss Program

Transform Me: DELUXE Weight Loss Program

Transform Me: DELUXE Weight Loss Program 

Week by week Online Content 

Week 1 – Nutrition Education

Week 2 – Exercise Program to follow

Week 3 – Coffee Enemas for accelerated weight loss

Week 4 – Tackling cellulite protocol

Week 5 – Targeting Emotional Eating, Strategies for Stress & Binge Eating

Week 6 – Targeting Inflammation & Fluid Retention

Week 7 – Digestive Health – improving digestion for enhanced weight loss

Week 8 – Determining your Weight Loss Body Type and which Eating plan is correct for you ongoing

Week 9 – Beyond TransformMe, maintaining your weight loss, meal plans

The Transform Me Program is suitable for:

Because we use REAL nutrients, this program is safe for all ages, young and old and even Pregnant or Breastfeeding women.

Please note: we do not encourage ‘weight loss’ while pregnant, but the Transform Me Recipes and raw protein powder can be safely taken to help manage weight and supply the body with functional nutrients and a healthy source of protein for growth and fetal development .

Naturopathically Designed for Fast, Effective Results Suitable for Men, Women & Children Improve your health while you transform your body shape Easy to prepare meals, easy to follow program

Do you need a Weight loss Coach?

If you’ve tried every weight loss program under the sun, with minimal success or have always put the weight straight back on, maybe its time to take it to the next level and employ a weight loss coach! Just imagine having a qualified Naturopath at your finger tips, who you can call, txt or email at anytime through your program, to help you out of those dark moments and encourage you every step of the way. 

If you’re ready to give yourself the ultimate gift of good health and would like to know more about the Transform Me Mentored Weight loss program contact our team at to arrange YOUR FREE 3o minute health assessment. 

f you would like to take on the Transform Me program, please do the Transform Me Deluxe Program, which includes a 1 on 1 Skype or phone consultation with a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist who can specifically tailor your program to suit your baby and individual needs. 

Transform your body the right way, live your best life!