Reveal Me Weight loss Program Testimonials

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“Words can not express how unbelievably grateful I am to Stacey, without her and her wonderful advice my family would not have been blessed with our beautiful Luka. After a year of trying to fall pregnant with our second child and having no success I sought the help of Stacey.

I knew I was capable of falling pregnant as my body had been there and done that already but for some reason something wasn’t quite right the second time round. Stacey was amazing. After detoxing my body and overhauling my lifestyle I was pregnant within two months. The whole time Stacey was a fountain of knowledge and an amazing support. She was always just an email or phone call away and always more than happy to answer any question I had.

I really expected to come away with a vitamin or two and then just hope for the best but Stacey handed me all the tools I needed to get my body back on the baby making track. The information and guidance she gave me made all the lifestyle changes easy to do and more importantly easy to stick to. I have never felt as healthy and happy as I did after the detox program. She even gave me advice and tips during my pregnancy and after as well. Stacey has changed my life and my family’s lives forever. I have recommended her to every person that will listen. We are healthier, happier and blessed to say we are now a family of four. From the very bottom of my heart thank you Stacey you truly are amazing at what you do.”

Jessica Simpson, Coolum


Kara Easton 28 Days

“I’ve been on the program for 5 weeks now and although at the beginning it was hard, I’m in the last week of phase 4 before I move into phase 5, Life! I feel great and so far have increased my intake of fats, protein and am eating a larger variety of foods. So far I am keeping the weight off. I have actually lost an extra kilo from when I finished phase 3. Making it a total of 6.2kg altogether, and this is all without even doing much exercise.

Before I started the program I would drag myself out of bed and sometimes visit the gym 6 to 7 times a week. These days I am going between 4 and 5 times a week but feel as though I’m not even doing as much as I used too. I have plenty of energy and unless I’m presented with my all-time favourite foods am not tempted. I’ve learnt that preparation is the key!

Over the past 2 weeks I have been experimenting with Sarah Wilsons, I quit sugar chocolate recipes. I found a new favourite, a modified version of the Chocolate Hedgehog slice which I have been indulging in a lot. Could not be happier with the results I have got and how I am feeling. Thanks heaps for your easy to follow Reveal Me Plan.”

Kara Easton, 26, Victoria

Ruth Hodge 21 DaysRuth Hodge

“Hey Stacey, Just thought I’d let u know how I’m going. Program is going great!!! Down 3 kg’s and I’m on day 7 of stage 2. The first two days of stage two I was slightly hungry but am not at all throughout the day now.

Feeling fantastic! Energy levels were at a low last week (probably the heat as well), I only went for a couple of walks as I wasn’t really feeling up to it. I hope to incorporate a little more exercise this week though. Every day I’ve dropped a little weight, every couple of days I’ll stay the same for a day but then the following day I’ll have a bigger drop. Thank you so much! This program is amazing! All the best, Ruth Xx”

Ruth Hodge, 26, Victoria