Stress & The Silly Season

Work deadlines,  Christmas parties, gift shopping, holiday planning, visiting relatives and generally wrapping up another year, there’s no doubt that this time of the year is busy and for many, stressful!

That fluttering feeling in the stomach, nausea, restlessness or a racing heart, are all physical signs of ‘stress’, expressed when inflammatory stress hormones are released any time our mind perceives a stressful situation.  These stress chemicals play havoc with the natural harmony of our cells which in time, leads to inflammation, the number 1 driver of disease.

Insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression, muscle aches, dietary disturbances, weight gain are all the end results of stress, how stressed are your cells right now?



Healthy Blood



Stressed Blood

Sit alongside your Practitioner and see firsthand, how stress and poor lifestyle practices are affecting the health of your blood.

Being able to detect early changes in blood parameters enables you to correct poor health before disease sets in.