‘Sticky Blood’ – Blood Glucose regulation gone wrong

Just a little under 1 million Australians are currently suffering from diabetes, and that’s only the diagnosed cases, with a further 2/3 of the population suspected to be in a pre-diabetic state. In addition 1 in 20 pregnant women develop Gestational diabetes, blood curdling facts that make you wonder…..what about me?

The majority of these people will go on to develop diabetes in the next 5-10 years.

sticky_bloodSo what does this mean for you and your health….’Sticky blood’.

When your blood retains a higher than ‘healthy’ amount of glucose, due to an inability to process insulin correctly the result is thick, sticky, sluggish blood, or more commonly represented by fatigue, general weakness, poor concentration, headaches, blurred vision, abdominal obesity, an inability to burn fat and digestive disturbances. What’s more Alzheimers disease, another epidemic-like disease state sweeping the nation is believed to be associated with consistently elevated blood glucose, also known as type 3 Diabetes.

There is however hope, all pre-diabetic changes are merely a sign of dis-ease and with the right nutrition, exercise and supplementary support, all signs are reversible.  With ‘Live blood analysis’ a tiny sample of your blood is viewed under light field microscopy providing an accurate representation of the health of your blood and possible damage ‘sugar’ is creating in your body.

Insulin resistance, is the most common symptom of abnormal blood sugar regulation, however you don’t have to have diabetes for this process to be wreaking havoc inside your cells. Insulin resistance makes it virtually impossible to lose weight, so If you’re tired of pounding the pavement and rationing your food portions without any downward movement on the scales, there a fair chance insulin resistance is hindering your efforts. Clinically we’ll see a rise in blood glucose, blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, triglycerides and inflammatory proteins in your blood, so don’t gamble with sticky blood any longer, get informed, get assessed, know where you stand and take action now before it’s too late.