Welcome to Balance Me – The Hormone Healing Program

Welcome to the most amazing, transformational, health boosting, hormonal regulating experience of your life. Over the next 12 weeks you will be educated, revitalized, restored and balanced so that you are feeling your absolute best.

Take each day by day, work through the education content at your own pace and enjoy the journey! Some days will be harder than others and you may not always stick to the plan 100%, that’s ok, it’s about doing your best and having faith that at the end of the program you will feel like a completely new person and your hormone woes banished forever!

Making the most of your program for the best results

  • Allow 15-30 minutes each week to read over the Educational Content
  • Watch all of the special practitioner information video’s
  • Follow the eating plan as close as you can
  • Be as compliant as possible with your Supplements (even the yucky tasting ones)
  • Have a crack at all of the ‘ACTION’ to do processes
  • Make an effort to include the weekly Food Focus super food of the week
  • Maximize your healing results with the weekly Health Kick suggestions
  • Take on all the applicable extra recommended healing supplements
  • Keep a journal each week to document your progress, changing symptoms and results
  • Get involved with the Balance Me Facebook Support Group
  • Keep an open mind, stay positive and trust in the process, you’ve got this!

Audio: How to tackle the Program


‘Balance Me’, the 12 week lifestyle program has been designed by degree qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist, Stacey Foat to assist you with the healthy regulation of hormone balancing and improvement of general well being.  The program is based on holistic therapies and natural medicine, years of clinical experience and scientific research, which although is not referenced through out for the sake of keeping the content ‘light’ fun and easy to understand, all suggestions are scientifically backed and supported by my Health Science Degree. As a medical disclaimer, I would like to point out that I AM NOT a medical practitioner and as a result this information should not replace your doctors advice. Please consult your GP is symptoms persist.


  • Women who are BREAST FEEDING need to implement some minor modifications, so please connect with your mentor through the Facebook support group upon commencing the program.

Prescription Medication

  • As a general rule, this program is safe to undertake for those on many different medications, but if you are unsure, please utilize the Balance Me, private Facebook support group for clearance.
  • If you are taking any of the following medications please seek medical assistance from your GP or practitioner before continuing or making any changes to your current medication.
  • We DO NOT RECOMMEND stopping any of your current prescription medications during the course of this program.

Weekly Game Plans

Food Focus

Each week we will be focusing on a specific Super food, which has all of the health promoting benefits that we are aiming to address and achieve during your weekly module.

Do you best to incorporate this super food on a daily basis, following the recipes provided and tips as how to best utilize that food. Most importantly, give it a go, even if you think you don’t like it, you might just surprise yourself.

And don’t forget Pinterest, which is pretty much the best place to find healthy recipes fast!

Action Plan

Your weekly Action plan provides you with an opportunity to experiment with a holistic health promoting activity that we want you to practice with during this program and take the learning beyond, consolidating it as a regular health promoting activity in your life form here on in!

The more of these activities you do, the more healing and the faster you will balance your hormones and keep them balanced for life! So dive in, trying new things is fun and you never know until you give it a go!

Health Kick

DIY health kicks are exactly that, a beneficial hormone healing habit we want you to try or may even be a not so healthy habit we want you to kick! Use the support group of the Balance Me program to tackle projects like ‘quitting’ something which might otherwise be too hard or too overwhelming.

Most importantly, just remember this is a lifestyle program, which means you may not complete or address everything in the designated 12 week period, but you have this Healthy Hormone haven as a reference for ever, so that you can keep ticking things off as you feel capable. Celebrate every win and don’t get down on yourself if you don’t implement everything at once. You are working progress of a fine piece of art, sometimes master pieces like your self just take time and patience!

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