If you are interested in a private, 1 on 1 consultation with Stacey or another Naturopath from the Moment 4 Life team, please email Stacey at stacey@moment4life.com.au 

When requesting an appointment, you will need to indicate, what days and estimated times you are available, so we can schedule your appointment. We will try to get as close to your desired time as possible, depending on what is available.

Please note, all consultations are eligible for Private health rebates if you have Private Health insurance which covers Natural Therapies/Extras

Consultation Costs

Initial Consultation (first time session with our Naturopath) is approximately 60 minutes, which is $85

Your Consultation includes: Diet assessment, Full health assessment, possible referral for Blood tests or Functional Pathology tests, review of current supplement regime and an opportunity to ask as many questions as necessary within the designated time frame.

You will be asked to fill in a detailed Health Appraisal prior to your Session, which assists our Naturopaths to spend as much time focusing on the core issues and investigating the underlying causes of your health complaints.

From your consultation, you will be given a treatment plan, including Supplement prescription, Eating plan and recommended associated lifestyle changes to suit your needs.

Follow up Appointments are $65, and generally last 30-45 minutes 

Follow up consultations, are not always required, but for chronic conditions or more serious health complaints, we generally recommend ongoing treatment for up to 6 months, with check-in’s, treatment protocol reviews occurring approx once per month.

Please note – every person and their presentation is very different, so treatment protocols and recommended follow up appointments will vary greatly from person to person, your plan will be discussed in details with you by your Naturopath.

Payment Requirements 

You initial consultation requires pre-payment via direct debit, credit card or paypal, to secure your consultation

We do not have access to hicaps, via online/skype consultations

What if I do not have access to Skype or an internet connection?

Phone consultations can also be arranged

For further information or questions please email stacey@moment4life.com.au


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