• 6 Week Program
  • ‘Reveal Me’ Supportive Supplement Range
  • Pre-screening Health Assessment for Safe effective Weight Loss
  • Naturopathic Supervision
  • Supportive Liver Treatment
  • Personal Coach to keep you motivated and on track for your weight loss goals
  • REAL FOOD Daily Eating Plan & Recipes
  • Exclusive access to a Private Facebook Support Group
  • 3 x Private Phone or Skype coaching Consultations
  • Unlimited Email & Text support
  • Mind body Therapy to target and eliminate Food addictions, emotional eating & Self sabotaging behavior
  • Reiki, Body Consciousness, EFT
  • Weekly Audio & Video Tutorials
  • Week by Week coaching material
  • No intense Exercise Workouts
  • Fast effective sustainable Weight Loss
  • 100% Success Rate

What has stopped you from losing Weight in the past?

  • Lack of motivation & Commitment
  • Lack of emotional Support
  • Overwhelming food cravings
  • Lack of nutritional education
  • Fear of the unknown/not knowing where to start
  • Lack of time & poor time management
  • Lack of variety in Diets
  • Self-sabotaging beliefs

It may be time to take a totally different approach & adopt a personal weight loss coach. When we are supported, fears subside, confidence grows & success is the only possible outcome.   “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin Benefits of having a Weight Loss Coach YES, this is your body, only YOU can make the changes BUT imagine having someone to hold your hand every step of the way?

  • Undo old eating patterns and negative thoughts
  • Eliminate fears
  • Correct metabolic processes
  • Clearly defined daily & Weekly directions, tasks & goals

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always have what you’ve always had” Your Personal Weight Loss Coach:

  • Is contactable Daily
  • Will keep you Motivated
  • Hold you Accountable without judgment
  • Offers emotional support when old patterns threaten to creep in

Weight loss is a Mind game – change your thoughts, change your weight. There’s nothing fun about dieting, so why not take part in a process that is enjoyable whilst life changing & the weight loss is just a really great side effect.

‘Reveal Me’ – Uncover the Real You, Discover Inner Perfection & Live Your Best Life

‘Reveal Me’ – A holistic approach to weight loss, tackling physical and emotional barriers which separate us from our ideal body. I created this program:

  • To follow my own passions of nutrition, health, wellbeing and the search for the perfect body
  • To share my love for healthy food and happy living
  • To provide a solution to the growing obesity epidemic in Australia
  • To bridge the gap between all the useless information and misconceptions about weight loss that circulates in society.
  • To tackle the major cause of obesity and weight gain – poor Self Esteem and a lack of Self Love

The Reveal Me Program balances both physical and emotional aspects of Weight management.

Reveal MeMost importantly I wanted my program to be different from all the rest, obviously I wanted it to be something that works and does the job quick smart, but I also wanted to educate and inspire the participants along the way and tackle some of the causes of weight gain, the not so obvious ones.

Sure we all know that lack of physical activity and a high intake of calories, refined sugars, alcohol, and bad processed fats will lead to weight gain. But what about all those people out there who genuinely ‘watch what they eat’ exercise occasionally if not frequently but still can’t manage to maintain a healthy body weight.  I’ve identified the 2 main reasons why these people put on weight in the first place and then, try as they will, still can’t seem to shed the extra kilo’s when they work really hard at it.


Hormonal imbalances

There’s plenty of illness’s which lead to weight gain and resistant weight loss, but the major predetermining causative factor is our hormones. Often when we think of ‘hormones’ we automatically associate this with our sex hormones, the ones that make us female or male – testosterone, oestrogen etc

But the Endocrine system stretches much further than our ‘girly bumps and male lumps’ and play a huge role in controlling the regulation of our fuel – how its burnt, how its consumed and how its demand is stimulated. Chronic stress is the major player in all resulting hormonal imbalances.

Worrying, procrastinating, crying, muscle tension, digestive disturbances, getting angry or anxious and every other associated stress related symptom, over time leads disrupted functioning of our adrenal glands, poor liver health, infertility, insulin sensitivity, and eventually neurotransmitter imbalances.

When these processes are out of whack, all hell breaks loose – including the hormones involved in blood sugar regulation, satiety, thermogenesis (fat burning) and the ones that keep us sane and emotionally stable. With the Neurotransmitters out of sync, addictions and cravings soon prevail, closely followed by irrational behaviour, irritability and often despair. So many of us put ‘food cravings’ down to lack of self-control and will power but the truth is, when your stress hormone production is elevated a ‘need’ for sugary foods is triggered, no amount of will power can prevent a brain that thinks a hit of glucose is imminent for survival.

When you are stressed, your body believes it is under attack and therefore goes about storing extra fat in order to protect us from the perceived ‘external dangers’. Stress as we know it can present itself in a number of different ways; financial, physical, relationship break downs, psychological or emotional abuse, work pressures, family and so on, but a major element of the stress is the way we deal with these triggers and more often than not this is related to our emotional stability and Self-esteem or what I like to call it a lack of Self Love.


There’s one big difference between a naturally ‘skinny’ person and someone who struggles to maintain a healthy weight. ‘Their relationship with food’. Naturally thin people don’t have ‘good days’ or bad days’ when it comes to eating or choosing their meals, they just eat and enjoy whatever they want depending on what they crave. They don’t have the constant battle going through their head about what they should or shouldn’t eat, they don’t create ‘judgment’ surrounding what they feel like eating and what they choose to indulge in.

They don’t slap themselves full of guilt for even thinking about a delicious moist, rich, chocolate cake like those who struggle with emotional eating. Based on this dysfunctional relationship with food, I have developed a program based purely around improving your Relationship with food and increasing your self-acceptance. This element of the program I feel is just as important as the actual eating plan so that weight management becomes something that is easy and not the continual hot topic of conversation inside your head day in and day out for the rest of your life. This program has been designed for success, emotional freedom, so that you can control your weight once and for all.