The Reveal Me Weight loss & detox program is the perfect preconception plan because the whole system is designed to regulate & correct female hormone production which it does so by targeting the hypothalamic-adrenal axis, the chief of healthy hormone regulation.

This program actually increases & improves fertility, maximising your chance of conception within the first couple of months. ‘Reveal Me’ is especially great for women who have been using oral or hormonal contraception pills and devices as it is a great detoxification protocol which is safe and effective and will eliminate associated chemical and synthetic toxic by products of your contraception, while supporting your body to quickly get back into a normal cycle.

Very little women know or understand the importance of a preconception detoxification plan. There are many health benefits of detoxing your system before planning a pregnancy as it can assist with a smooth, symptom free pregnancy and support the health of both mum and the baby.

Due to the very toxic environment that we live in with air pollution & chemical usage in everyday products & practices our toxin exposure at an all-time high, it is believed the average human has around 150 different chemicals hiding away in fatty tissues in our bodies – and that’s not even just the people that commonly work with chemicals in the work place.
As a naturopath I always insist my clients do a detoxification program approx 3 months before conception due to the vast benefits in not only improving your health dramatically but creating a much more friendly environment to grow & develop a healthy little baby. Remember the womb and your placenta and blood stream is the life support system for your child, it is crucial that this environment is clean, healthy, full of nutrients and oxygen and clear of toxins.

Supporting the detoxification process with specific products, such as ReleaseME is highly important so to minimize secondary inflammation due to the increased amount of toxins circulating through the body during the detox and prevent reabsorption of toxins after your liver. ReleaseME has been chosen specifically due to the action of the key ingredient: Broccoli sprouts, in metabolizing and clearing harsh, biologically active oestrogen metabolites which can lead to miscarriage.

Weight Loss increases Fertility

Losing weight will not only improve your health to improve your health, but it will also reduce the associated risks of obesity during pregnancy: gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, miscarriage, reflux, morning sickness, body aches and pains and prevent excessive birth weight of your child which is linked to higher risks of childhood diabetes and obesity. Due to the association of high body fat and oestrogen dominance, losing weight and balancing your oestrogen levels and progesterone levels will improve your fertility. The Reveal Me Weight loss plan

is quick, safe and effective, but MUST be used in conjunction with the supportive detoxification supplements & preconception care supplements while doing the program to ensure the healthiest environment for conception to take place.

It is also important that you DO NOT conceive while you are doing the program. I recommend you use contraception ie condoms during the time of the program as your body has a higher circulation of toxins while detoxing as the liver starts to pull these out of storage so they can be eliminated – another reason why I highly recommend you use the supportive ReleaseME product alongside your RevealME drops.

Your Reveal Me Weight loss for Preconception

1 x Reveal Me Drops

1 X ReleaseME

1 x SaturateME

1 x BuildMe

1 x EnergizeME

1 x Reveal Me Handbook

1 x Ovulation & Conception Kit Valued at $62



1 x  Menstrual Charting Graph

Digital thermometer

Ovulation test – 5 pack

Early Detection Pregnancy Test – 3 pack

Total Value:  $345

Program Cost: $330

Saving: $19