The Quick start kit is designed to kick start your weight loss journey when you only have the need or desire to diet for a short duration of time in order to lose anywhere from 5-8kg.  The program includes enough drops for 25 days supply which is enough time to shed up to 8-10kg. The Kit includes everything you need to know to about finishing the program successfully and is recommended for those who do not suffer from any specific health problems. If you struggle with Thyroid, Fatty Liver, Diabetes or hormonal imbalances which you suspect are hindering your weight loss efforts you should consider the more in-depth DIY package which includes supplements to really reverse poor health and nourish a tired, worn out inflamed system.

1 x RevealME 45ml drops 

1 x ReleaseME detoxification and liver support powder

PDF Download –  Reveal Me Weight Loss Handbook

Total Value = 168

PRICE= 149

Saving of = $19 

Reccommended Supportive Supplements