Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Eating Plan Involve?
The eating plan is based on REAL food, it does not include meal replacement or protein shakes, it includes nothing but real, wholesome clean eating food. Meats, vegan or vegetarian protein options available, vegetables, fruits etc. The foods have been chosen to specifically to correct metabolic processes which keep your fat trapped.
The Eating Plan uses a variety of different traditional Eating styles from regular snacking, fasting, calorie restriction, food combining, food elimination techniques as well as food loading (no calorie restriction).
There are 4 distinct phase of the program, each of which you’re eating plan changes through each phase. Each phase includes a large variety of options as well as recipes and shopping lists so that you are not stuck not sure what to eat.

How much exercise am I expected to do on the Program?
There’s no set plan because we’re all at different fitness levels and as I have already stressed, exercise isn’t the core essence of this program, but it’s important to know exactly where you stand in terms of physical activity and the fat burning process of the Reveal Me program. Exercise is not the core element of the program, the basis of the weight loss is through the eating plan and the correction of metabolic processes, so if you are not someone who enjoys exercising, this is not the time to start a rigorous exercise plan, focus on the eating plan and improving your emotional well being.
High intensity exercise can shut down the resetting of your hypothalamic fat control centre. Remember, we’re not just participating in this program because we want some instant weight loss, the whole idea of this program is to set you up for healthy weight management, effective fat burning and new eating behaviours for the rest of your life, so if we do it properly right now, there’ll be no need for years of torturous yo-yo dieting ever again!

Can I drink Alcohol while on the Program?
No alcohol is not permitted as part of the rapid fat buring plan. Remember this is more than just a weight loss diet, we are correcting your health and detoxifying your system, so we are focusing on clean eating and clean living to help you get you feeling your best.

Can I deviate from the Program and introduce my own foods and guidelines?
Yes of course you can, but I cannot guarantee you will lose a large amount of weight or improve your health. The program has been specifically designed to improve health parameters and correct metabolic processes which prevent you from losing weight so I highly recommend you stick to the program 100%. If you have signed up for the Reveal Me: Up close and Personal Mentored Weight loss program then together we can make changes along the way which through my Naturopathic assessments will ensure you are still losing weight effectively. This one on one detailed help is only available for the Mentored program and not the DIY Reveal Me program.

I need to lose some weight before I conceive is this safe to do while trying to fall pregnant?
Yes, absolutely! In fact the whole science behind the mechanism of action behind the Reveal Me and HCG protocol is to correct and reset hypothalamic regulation of your HPA axis – which controls the production of your stress and reproductive hormones.

The beauty of the Reveal Me Weight loss program is that it offers fast effective weight loss as well as a thorough detoxification process, so it’s 2 birds with the one stone so to speak.
There is much to gain by detoxifying your system before planning a pregnancy as it can assist with a smooth, symptom free pregnancy and support the health of both mum and the baby.
Due to the very toxic environment that we live in with air pollution & chemical usage in everyday products & practices our toxin exposure at an all-time high, it is believed the average human has around 150 different chemicals hiding away in fatty tissues in our bodies – and that’s not even just the people that commonly work with chemicals in the work place.

As a naturopath I always insist my clients do a detoxification program approx 3 months before conception due to the vast benefits in not only improving your health dramatically but creating a much more friendly environment to grow & develop a healthy little baby. Remember the womb and your placenta and blood stream is the life support system for your child, it is crucial that this environment is clean, healthy, full of nutrients and oxygen and clear of toxins.

Can I do the program while I am Pregnant?
No the Reveal Me Program is not recommended during Pregnancy due to the calorie restriction and detoxification functions.

Can I do the program while I am Breastfeeding?
YES, the Reveal Me weight loss program can be done whilst breastfeeding, however it does involve a separate product prescription different from your original Reveal Me protocol. Additional supplements are necessary to ensure the health of your breast feeding baby and yourself who is ever so generously donating to all of your vitamins and minerals to your new born who is rapidly growing and developing. For further information regarding the Breastfeeding protocol or to purchase please contact:

Does this program involve Protein shakes & Meal replacements?
No, the meal plan provided with the Reveal Me Weight loss program is based on whole real, unprocessed food.

Is the Reveal Me Weight Loss Program suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans?
YES. Although traditionally those eating meat seem to have quicker weight loss results while on the program it is possible if following a Vegan or Vegetarian way of life. It is advisable to supplement your program with additional Vegan friendly protein options such as hemp seed meal , pea protein isolate or Inca inchi protein powder. All of these products are available in the products section.

Is this a Safe, Healthy Way to lose Weight or a Quick Fix Attempt?
It’s very easy to confuse the Reveal Me weight loss program as a ‘quick fix’ weight loss tool as the weight loss results are really quick! However the program involves real, whole, balanced meal plans and recipes as well as education surrounding healthy eating, ongoing support and food recommendations beyond the program and supportive treatment and activities which target the emotional causes of weight gain such as binge eating, stress eating of food addictions. The Reveal Me program is a holistic approach to weight loss which has been designed by a practicing Naturopath and Nutritionist with especially formulated supportive supplements to boost vitality, healthily stimulate the detoxification process and support the immune system.

Why is Detoxification so important, do I have to take the ReleaseME powder?
Think of it like this: when you’re carrying quite a little or even a lot of extra weight, your body is constantly bombarded with toxins and artificial foods from our typical unhealthy ‘Standard Australian Diet’ (SAD, literally and metaphorically), all of which the liver has to process, break down, try and conjugate (turn it into a friendly molecule so it can safely excrete it from your body) and eliminate. It’s hard work, so basically as that belt gets tighter and tighter around that mid section, the liver is essentially strangled (not physically, now think metaphorically), with huge amounts of inflammatory stress placed on it and being overworked in general to the point where it can’t effectively assist your tissues to burn fat as an energy source.

When you start to consume a ‘clean eating’ menu like that on the ‘Reveal Me’ Program, the liver is able to do its job of detoxification a whole lot more effectively, which results in a higher amount of toxins being drawn out of hiding and sent into the circulation so they can be removed from the body. What’s more, our fat cells are the ‘hiding’ place for a lot of these toxins – the body cleverly stores them in the fat cells so they are kept away from our vital organs ie brain, kidneys, heart and so on. As you are rapidly breaking down these fat cells or ‘toxin hidey holes’ they are released into the blood stream, which potentially disturbs the wellbeing of the rest of your bodily tissues, including these organs. The bowels, skin, lungs and kidneys all play crucial roles in assisting the removal of these circulating toxins out of the body, so as you can imagine their work load is increased and they are exposed to a lot more inflammatory damage from these cranky toxins which are being awoken from their slumber now that you are taking charge of your health and eating habits once a for all on the ‘Reveal Me’ Program.

The ‘ReleaseME’ green supplement is a unique blend of anti-inflammatory green functional foods, antioxidants and vegetable extracts to protect your organs and general body tissue from the circulating toxins which are being released. Keep in mind that stirring up all these toxins is a great thing, as it will boost your immunity, cleanse the blood, power the cells with energy and support the fat burning process – you just have to do it safely and correctly to ensure you feel amazing through the entire process and don’t create more inflammatory damage to the cells in the meantime. The ReleaseME formulation will not only nourish your body and give you added nutritional support and stamina through the program, it will also alkalise your system, which is essential for fat burning and hormone balancing. When your body is too acidic, it very cleverly packs on extra body fat, particularly around your vital organs, so to protect organs from the acidity, the same principle as the ‘fat cells providing a hideout cave for toxins’. For all the wonderful physiological processes such as breathing, digesting, thinking and many more vital life processes to take place it needs to do so in an alkaline environment. The more acidic our cells are, the more fat cells we will store. This supplement is a specifically formulated product designed to assist and support your body through any detoxification and weight loss program. Remember, you’re only going to be doing this program once, why not do it thoroughly from the start!
ReleaseME contains nutritious, young broccoli sprouts combined with fibre rich, young wheat and barley grasses, harvested at their nutritional peak combined with tomato powder rich in lycopene, and natural red onion powder giving it a great taste, much more palatable than regular ‘spirulina’ containing green blends. ReleaseME is a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.