This package includes all the supplements you need to complete the 6 week program including the best detoxification support , energy boosting and health promoting supplements.

Key Features 

This package is ideal for those wanting to lose between 12-16kg, over the 6 week period

Lose weight quickly, safely and improve your health in the process.


With the biggest savings and bonus gifts, the Reveal Me ‘DIY’ Package is the most popular of the ‘Reveal Me’ range.

Package includes:

2 x RevealME 45 ml  drops

1 x ReleaseME, 150g Detoxification and liver support powder

1 x SuppressME, 120g,  high fibre, carbohydrate free,  Appetite suppressant

1 x RestoreME, 90g High potentice multi strain Probiotic powder

1 x EnergizeME, 500ml high potency colloidal mineral formula

Plus Free Gifts

PDF Download – ‘Reveal Me’ Weight Loss Handbook, valued at $49

Yerba Mate Tea Bags – Valued at $8

Psyllium Husks 200g Valued at $8

Total Value =  $420

Program Cost  $370 


RevealMe essentials