The Deluxe package is your 1 stop shop for everything Reveal Me!

Key Features

  • Weight loss, Hormone Balancing and Detoxification Protocol
  • 6 Week complete Program package
  • 12-18kg average weight loss
  • 10% Discount off total order
  • Discounted Delivery


Designed for first time users of the Reveal Me Weight loss program who want to shift up to 18 – 20kg. The package includes all professionally developed supplements specifically to support quick and safe weight loss while assisting detoxification and boosting energy levels. The deluxe kit includes all recommended supplements and specialty grocery items so there’s no need to hunt around for these products when they arrive at your door ready for you to dive straight into the program.

Your Deluxe Package Includes: Enough supplements & Homeopathic Reveal Me drops to get you through the entired 6 Week Program.

2 x 45ml RevealME Weight loss support drops

1 x 150g ReleaseME Alkalizing and Detoxification formula

1 x 210g SuppressME Appetite Suppressant 

1 x 500ml  EnergizeME Fluvic/Humate Colloidal Minerals

1 x 90g FeedME, Broad Spectrum Probiotic Formula 

1 x 120 capsules SaturateME Essental Fatty acid Formula

1 x Reveal Me Weight loss Handbook

1 x Yerba Mate Herbal Tea – High anti-oxidant, Appetite Suppressant

1 x 200g Psyllium Husks – Fiber Support, Appetite Suppressant

1 x Apple Cider Vinegar Double Strength 500ml – Digestive Stimulant and key recipe ingredient

1 x 100ml Organic Jojoba oil, allowable skin care

1 x 100% Pure Organic Aloe Vera Gel 75g

Package Value = $505

Save 10% off Total Order 

Less 10% discount – $50.50

Total Cost = $454.50




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