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Herbal Bowel cleanse

DURATION: 10 – 20 days

DOSE: 1-2 tsp twice daily, mixed with water, taken on an empty stomach.

PLEASE NOTE: Please note, this product is designed to increase your bowel movements, by flushing out mucus, plaque and other harmful impurities from your digestive system. It is normal to increase the amount of fecal mass you pass and the frequency, however you do not want to have unmanageable diarrhea, so please reduce the dose as required.


Anti-microbial Parasite cleanse

DURATION: 10 – 20 days

DOSE: take 5-10 ml twice daily. If you have a sensitive tummy, you may like to start on the lower dose. But work your way up to a total of 20ml daily.

PLEASE NOTE: if you have a nasty resistant parasite or bad bacterial overgrowth, you may need to do a repeat course of this product.


Broad spectrum probiotic formula

PLEASE NOTE: When this product arrives, please store it in the fridge. The living bacteria don’t do too well in extreme heat, so its best to keep it in the fridge in case.




The Magic of Enemas

How to to an Enema

Travel Enema Kit


FAQ’S – Frequently Asked Questions

I’m feeling more bloated since starting the products?

This is quite common and is a sign you have a parasite, intestinal dysbiosis (bad bacterial overgrowth) or candida overgrowth. We call this the ‘die off’ period, by which the parasites will initially be stirred up due to the potency of the anti-microbial herbs, attacking these foreign invaders.

Do I have to finish the entire course?

For the best results and the most thorough cleanse, we recommend completing all of the products as recommended in your program manual.

What if I don’t follow the eating plan properly?

Following the eating plan will assist you by, more effectively flushing out the pathogens, improve your digestive function, assist with weight management and energy levels. We recommend that you adopt the eating principles as best you can, but the powerful action of the supplements will still ensure a thorough cleanse.

Why are enemas so important for Parasite Cleansing?

It’s really important to flush your system while you are doing any form of parasite cleansing, this ensure that you remove the dead or dying parasites from your body, so they are not left rotting, causing irritation and inflammation to your GIT.

We recommend: Garlic, Coffee, Aloe vera, Chamomile or Turmeric Enemas.