What best describes your attitude to Dieting?

What best describes your relationship with exercise?

If you were to skip a meal how do you feel?

How do you typically respond to dieting?

What best describes your Thyroid Health

I often experience the following Liver symptoms

My energy levels are best described as

My Appetite......

Do you sweat excessively?

Do you notice bad breath or body odor on yourself?

How often do you experience belching, gas or bloating?

Where do you experience the majority of your fat deposition?

Do you often feel bloated, uncomfortable or notice skin breaks from consuming dairy products?

Do you have any food sensitivities?

Do you have a specific time goal in mind for your results?

How many times have you had Antibiotics in the past 2 years?

Do you experience fluid retention?

In regards to your monthly menstrual cycle, do you experience

My hormonal status is best described as

When it comes to Sweet foods...