‘Prepare Me’ Preconception Program

Planning a happy healthy pregnancy for you and your baby

This program is perfect for you if:

• You’d like to start planning for a baby

• You’ve already been trying but not yet had any luck, but have been cleared of any more serious reproductive function disorders or structural abnormalities.
• You’ve experienced a Miscarriage or multiple miscarriages
• You have a history of mild menstrual problems and irregularities – changing cycle lengths, painful periods, monthly PMS/PMT or hormonal acne.
• You have a long term history on the Oral contraceptive pill and as a result your cycle is a little out of whack.
• You have just come off the Oral contraceptive pill, Mirena®, Implanon® or any other IUD or contraceptive device or injection.
• You’ve enjoyed a typical lifestyle, that is you enjoy eating out, alcoholic beverages socially, you live in a built up area, drink normal tap water (not rain water) and have taken various forms of medication from Panadol to antibiotics over the years. Which means, you need a detox, like 95% of the population.

This program IS NOT FOR YOU if:

  • You are already Pregnant

Although you will undoubtedly benefit from the health principles practiced in Prepare Me, this program is not specifically design to correct infertility issues associated with the following conditions as we cannot offer a guarantee of conception if:

These more serious fertility related problems include:
• Uterine Fibroids
• Endometriosis
• Polycystic ovarian syndrome or Polycystic ovarian Disease
• Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
• Ovarian Dysplasia
• Amenorrhea – an absent period for 6 months or more
• Dysmenorrhea – excruciatingly painful monthly periods which require pain relief medication, time off work or vomiting
• Tubal obstruction or damage

But don’t fear – we have another program, specifically targeted at correcting, healing and restoring hormone imbalances of more sinister causes like those above, called ‘Balance Me’. I highly suggest you undergo this program first, balance your hormones and then get stuck into a preconception Nutritional Support program. You won’t need to detox again, but you will need to address all nutritional factors and the wonderful things to prepare your body for pregnancy.
For more information on Balance Me go to: http://www.moment4life.com.au/balance-me-hormone-regulation/

Click Here to find out more about Balance Me – Hormone Regulating Program

Prepare Me – Your Preconception care program includes:


  • A Full Health Assessment
  • Easy to implement Treatment Protocol
  • Detailed Eating Plan, Menu & Recipes
  • Safe Detoxification for creating a healthy womb environment
  • Specific Preconception and Pregnancy Supplements
  • Protocol for healing the Gut and boosting your babies immune system
  • Identifying Auto-immune processes which affect conception
  • Correct Nutrient deficiencies which dramatically disadvantage babies health
  • Key’s to healthy weight gain during, preventing excessive weight gain through pregnancy which is harmful to baby
  • Stress Management processes & preparation for a safe, relaxing and enjoyable labor experience
  • Referral for Standard Pathology Reports and Functional Pathology investigation (if necessary)
  • Guide to cleansing the home into a safe environment
  • Investigation into common gene defects which affect pregnancy
  • Protocol for Dad – importance of preconception care for men also

Why is Detoxing CRUCIAL in preconception?

Who benefits from Detoxification?

Everyone. No exceptions. Period. Full stop.

Yes that’s right, everyone should be undertaking some kind of detoxification every single year, mum’s, dads, men, women, old, young (plus 15) happy people, cranky people and of course people who like ice-cream. No one is exempt, I don’t like to sound dramatic, but detoxification and ensuring your liver is happy and functional every single day is the difference between staying healthy or suffering from disease.

Through years of study, personal experience, clinical examination and seminar upon seminar, I have come to the conclusion that an overload of toxin in our system is one of the 2 major causes of ALL diseases. Yes that’s right, there’s only 2, the other being Nutritional deficiencies.

The sad truth is we live in a very toxic world, guilty pleasures like alcohol, coffee, refined sugars and even the ‘healthy’ choices which we think are beneficial like fruits and vegetables which are laced with chemical fertilisers and chemical pesticides, cosmetic products, medications, environmental pollution, car exhaust fumes, plastics, household chemicals, industrial chemicals and the list goes on…..

Our very clever liver is at work 24 hours of the day, busily performing many different functions and forms of detoxification basically which transform poisons, chemicals and toxins into a water soluble intermediate, which the rest of your elimination organs can then safely excrete – through our bowels, bladder/kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs and skin! However, like any great champion, if you flog it too much and don’t rest and regenerate it, it will slow down and stop performing!

I am however convinced that if we make supporting our liver on a daily basis a priority, we can regenerate and get detoxification back on track. I hereby propose the following actions which should all be experimented with and undertaken daily or weekly to keep your liver energized and your tissues and organs clean so that you can ‘Live Your Best Life, disease and illness free!

Two Great Program options available…..

‘Prepare Me’ Complete Care Mentored Preconception Program

‘Prepare Me’ DIY Preconception Program