The Supermarket has become a warfare of misinformation & irresponsible advertisement of junk food, which is supported by the media sending all the wrong messages about Food and what the body requires to function optimally. The Standard Australian Diet, consisting primarily of processed refined carbohydrates, completely devoid of any nutritional value, has meant that our beautiful nation is plagued with lifestyle diseases such as Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Cancer and Auto-immune conditions, which up until 150 years ago, rarely existed. These are diseases which we as a human race, through the abuse of so called ‘healthy eating’ have created. As a nation, we are a living longer, but at what expense? Fatigue, depression, allergies, infections and sleeping disorders occur far too frequently among Australian’s, surely it’s time to accept that we’re doing something wrong with our eating habits.

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It is my belief that with the advancement of technology, agricultural processes, genetic modification and scientific creation of artificial flavourings, colours and preservatives that we have simply become too smart for our own good, resulting in a population of nutrient deprived,  starving but fat, unwell citizens.

The Standard Australian Diet – how do you shape up?

Breakfast ; Toast, Weetbix or a similar processed cereal

Morning Tea; Piece of Fruit or a commercial muesli bar

Lunch; Sandwich, with salad if you’re lucky

Afternoon Tea;  Sweet muffin, cake, slice or something equally sweet, to get you through the 3-4pm energy slump, due to the ingestion of processed carbohydrates through out the day which are now playing havoc with your blood sugar levels.

Dinner; Meat & Vege with pasta or rice, with the typical 5 vege profile;  Potato, pumpkin, carrot, peas and corn. The 5 least nutrient dense, highest calorie, highest carbohydrate containing types.

Standard Australian Diet…….SAD

Did you know that this typical food intake is perceived as healthy?

Did you also know that in fact, this eating plan is deficient in every vitamin and mineral across the board, lacking in protein and essential fatty acids and contains almost 300g of sugar, 6 times the recommended daily intake of carbohydrates. And yet no connection has been made as to why we are the 2nd most obese nation in the world, children as young as 3 are suffering from obesity and 2/3 or the Australian public are pre-diabetic?

Forget Everything You Have learned about The healthy Eating Pyramid – Not So healthy After All

Nutrition and weight management has become more than just output vs input, it’s about providing the body with the ‘right type’ of calories and an understanding of what really is healthy for our bodies, which unfortunately, the Australian Healthy Eating Pyramid, The Heart Foundation tick of approval and Australian Diabetes Foundation, have got all wrong, as we watch Cardiovascular disease and diabetes death rates continue to soar every year.

The message is simple, Eat clean, stay lean. “If it wasn’t made by Nature, then it wasn’t meant to be eaten”


In a Nutrition Consult, you will receive a full Diet analysis and individualized eating plan, designed around your likes, dislikes, lifestyle, cooking ability and individual health assessment eg. nutrient deficiencies, health history, allergies/intolerances, height, weight, blood type  and current disease status will be factored into your plan.

You will also learn how to fuel your body with real food, boost energy levels, improve health and wellbeing and how to cook with fresh produce, therapeutic herbs and super foods. Invest in a Nutrition lesson and change your life and health of you and your family for the better.


“Stop Saying I Wish and Start Saying I Will”