Moment 4 Life Program

‘M4L – Live Your Best Life’ Healthy Ageing Program


Life style factors such as alcohol, medications, excessive exercise, obesity, poor energy utilisation, excessive sun exposure, cigarette smoking, stress and  inflammatory conditions contribute to an accelerated ageing process, not only affecting the vitality of your cells, but plague your physical appearance with wrinkles, aged skin and poor body deposition. With the use of the Bio-impedance Analysis technology, A Healthy Ageing questionnaire and lifestyle screening tests; blood pressure, pathology check, Thyroid health assessment, CVD risk assessment, body composition analysis ad a Flexibility test we are able to calculate the rate your cells are ageing and make sure you are not only on track, but looking younger than your chronological age! With the use of a ‘Healthy Ageing’ diet plan, supplement program and lifestyle tips, my Healthy Ageing program is just another way I can assist you in living your best life and prevent disease and illness before it slows you down.


“You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal or To Dream a New Dream”

 Available in Clinic, private consultation only, Sunshine coast