‘Heal Me’ Digestive Repair Program

‘Heal Me’ Digestive Repair & Support Program


Program Features

8 week Gut Repair Program

Ideal for anyone suffering from digestive disturbances, from the upper digestiveshutterstock_205168351 system right down to the bowel.

Reflux, indigestion, bloating, nausea, flatulence, intestinal dysbiosis, yeast overgrowth, painful abdominal cramps, Irritable bowel syndrome, absorption issues, diarrhea, constipation.

Although these are common and frequently occurring complaints for most people, these are not normal symptoms of a healthy digestive system.

The health of your Gut, is critical to ensure you digest and absorb all the nutrients from your meals, without an efficient digestive system, you place yourself at a far higher risk of developing nutrient deficiencies and life style disease as a result.

Program Breakdown


Stage 1

Cleanse the Colon and removal of toxic mucosal plaque

Removal of Opportunist or Bad Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi, Viral microbes from the Alimentary canal and systemic tissues, Symptomatic relief of debilitating signs eg bloating, pain, cramps, irregular bowel motions.

Professionally Prescribed Practitioner only Supplement Regime: Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Support, Functional Foods

Stage 2 – Repair of Digestive Tract – elimination of Leaky gut, reduction of inflamed tissue, improved Nutrient absorption, increase in energy and well being New prescription

for  Professional supplementation

Stage 3 – Re inoculation of Beneficial Bacteria, ongoing Digestive Support

New prescription for  Professional supplementation

Ongoing Eating Plan for maintained Wellness and healthy Digestion

For More information or to book a consultation and get started on your Gut healing program please email stacey@moment4life.com.au

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