Detoxification – why we hate it, but how it can save your life.

Heavy Metal Dangers, Detoxification & How you can assess your levels

‘Health’ and healing can become pretty complicated sometimes, in fact, down right overwhelming,’ with all the many ‘healthy things to do,’ blogs and varying opinions on diets and what we should and shouldn’t be doing, in many cases its easiest to just go about our daily routines and just hope we’ll never be struck with any form of chronic disease. But unfortunately Auto-immune disorders, chronic infections and cancers are becoming more and more prevalent in society and although there have been many advancements in treatment options over the years, treatment outcomes are very much limited to ‘management of the debilitating symptoms associated with the disease, namely pain, with a lifelong prescription of medications, but no real ‘cure’ or ease of symptoms available.

Let me simplify health. Your overall health and well being is largely dependent upon the health of each and every individual cell in your body, all 13 trillion of them! And in order for a cell to remain healthy, it needs just 2 things:

  • A continuous supply of nutrients
  • A clean alkaline environment free of toxins

When the cell has both of these things, it is able to carry out what ever function the brain instructs and the body requires in order to maintain a healthy environment, which is why a healthy nutritious diet and regular detoxification practices are the 2 single most important gifts you can give yourself.

Let me guess – when you think of the word Detox, you automatically assume ‘deprivation’, boring bland diet, caffeine withdrawal headaches, fatigue, irritability and general social restriction! And sometimes aspects of this are true, but what you don’t realise, is that detoxification is the only way to safely remove toxins from your system. Toxins which are slowly killing us! The answer is simple, detox and prevent that potentially deadly and definitely debilitating diagnosis of permanent chronic disease.

Research has shown, new born babies are born with over 200 different chemicals which have been passed on from mum and often generations before, so if you think you live a pretty healthy lifestyle, think again, unfortunately we now live in an extremely toxic world and no one is exempt from the dangers of toxic overload. Let’s look at Aluminium as 1 example of the hundreds of toxins we are all exposed to on a daily basis.

Aluminium is one of the most abundant of toxic metals exposed to man, it accumulates in the brain, bones, kidneys, endocrine glands and will eventually lead to conditionals such as depression, memory loss, epilepsy, Alzheimers disease, auto-immune disorders, cardiovascular disease, cancers and especially breast cancers. Your liver and built in detoxification organs and elimination channels will do their best to help move this out of your body, but unfortunately due to the large numbers of toxins, our systems simply can’t keep up and therein lies the cause of many different chronic illnesses and day to day symptoms we experience: headaches, insomnia, low energy, poor mood, digestive problems, sore muscles and the list goes on.

So where is all this Aluminium coming from? The most obvious source is anti-perspirant deodorants, which when applied under the armpit, aluminium particles pose a particularly high risk for breast cancer due to the clogging of sweat glands and lymphatic tissue, allowing aluminium toxins to accumulate in breast tissue. It is also found in our water supply, deliberately added to remove natural debris, such as dirt in a process known as flocculation, which separates large particles and allows them to be removed from the water more easily. Unfortunately this flocculation process carries on in our blood stream, separating vital blood components such as red and white blood cells, antibodies, hormones, platelets and can lead to strokes and heart attacks. Other common sources are baking powder, rising agents, toothpaste, baby formulas, canned foods, cooking pots and pans, aluminium foil, feminine hygiene products and so on.

There are multiple ways to assess your level of toxicity, through live blood analysis and OligoScan testing devices in clinic, so if you are ready to ‘spring clean’ this September and start feeling your best, take advantage of the Detoxification specials available in clinic today, or arrange a skype consultation for an individualized assessment and detoxification program that is right for you!



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