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How long will your Detox Me Journey Be?

The beauty of this program is you can undertake the program for as long or as little as you like! We recommend attempting for at least 3 days, but some people stay on the program for up to 28 days, which is fine. Just support yourself with lots of rest, healthy food and remember the first 2-3 days are always the hardest so try and push on beyond these as soon you will feel amazing.

The longer you stay on the program, the more toxins you will shift, so have a really great crack at it, you might be surprised just how long you can stay on the protocol once you get into it!

Enjoy it and good luck!

Detox Me – DOWNLOAD the Program Manual here

Detox Me – DOWNLOAD the Eating Plan & Recipe Book Here

To Compliment your Program and Maximise the Detox Benefits We Also Recommend

The Travel Enema Kit


Find out more about Enemas and Coffee Enemas here! 

This Travel Enema Kit is ideal for your home enema or when you need an enema while travelling. The Fountain style enema has a 2 ltr bag and can be folded away when not in use. I love it because it folds up quite small for easy storage AND they handle makes it much easier for hanging somewhere in order to elevate it as opposed to the enema buckets you may have also seen.

The benefits of this kit are:

  • Easy to handle, great for travelling, folds away.
  • Holds up to 2 litres.
  • Gravity fed system.
  • On/Off valve (not clamp).
  • Easy to clean.
  • Contains everything you need to do an enema.
  • Durable strong plastic.
  • Will last for years with proper care.

Extra Tips to help you with the process

  • Start with a smaller amount of liquid until you get used to the process ie 600ml and work your way up to the full litre.
  • Its normal to experience mild cramps or feelings of movement while retaining the coffee, these will always pass
  • If you have the liquid to warm its harder to retain for the full 15 minutes, if you have the liquid to cold it’s harder to retain for the full 15 minutes, body temperature or luke warm is best.
  • Always flush a small amount of the liquid out before you insert the tube rectally, this will prevent air bubbles and help create a smoother flow of liquid.
  • For first timers do your enema in the bath or on a tiled floor with some old towels, in case accidents happen, much easier to clean.
  • Always replenish yourself after an enema with a freshly squeezed juice, coconut water or some natural electrolytes to keep you hydrated.

To order, your travel enema kit follow this link, price is $47 for your reusable kit, take care of it and wash it after each use and it will last for years!

LiftME – Green Alkaylzing energy boosting, detox promoting superfood powder

Key Features

  • Flood your cells with Nutrition
  • Functional Super foods – no Synthetic vitamins
  • Alkalizes the body
  • No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives just real food nutrition

Product Overview


  • Spirulina – highest plant source of absorbable protein (65%)
  • Chlorella – Do you want to keep heavy metals IN your body?
  • Alfalfa – Draws minerals from deep in the earth
  • Barley grass – Great source of nutrition
  • Wheat grass – Mildly cleansing and full of chlorophyll
  • Beetroot – Cleansing and known for building blood
  • Rosehips – A natural source of highly absorbable vitamin C
  • Spinach – Rich source of iron, calcium and vitamin K
  • Dulse – Rich natural source of trace elements
  • Peppermint – Excellent digestive aid and adds flavour
  • Stevia – May help natural sugar balancing

The Classic Detoxification Process & How to Handle the Normal Side Effects

How to Handle Detoxification Side Effects

These are common and quite normal when you consider the fact your liver is co-ordinating a fairly serious treasure hunt for hiding toxins within the body and ordering them out of the body via the elimination channels. These toxins kick up a fuss on their way out creating lots of irritation and inflammation which can damage healthy tissue, which is why it is so, so, so important to support the process with your prescribed supplements.

Common Symptoms



Restlessness, Irritability

Sore joints

Skin breakouts: temporary worsening of current skin conditions, acne

Body odour or bad breathe

Interrupted Sleep Patterns


  1. DRINK 3-4 litres of filtered water daily

This helps to flush out the toxins more quickly.


Try adding a pinch of this to your drinking water which rebalances electrolytes and eases dehydration symptoms ie headaches


This rapidly flushes out those circulating toxins which are causing the pain and discomfort. If you have a particularly painful side effect, Coffee Enemas also assist with pain management. You can do more than 1 a day if you have the opportunity, just ensure you are putting the minerals back in with a good quality magnesium, coconut water, cold pressed juice etc

  1. REST

Understand that while we are healing, restoring health and clearing out toxins there are a lot of extra metabolic processes occurring in your body, so rest, relax, reduce your workload and physical activity where possible. If you have sick leave up your sleave, use it!


Q. My bowels have changed, I’ve got diarrhea, is this normal? 

Absolutely! And this is actually a great thing, even though you may feel a little uncomfortable,  but this is the body cleverly eliminating toxins in response to the protocol, it is not a bad thing, it is a great thing, just make sure you take it easy and drink lots of water to help the process.

Q. I vomitted, am I having a bad reaction to the program or supplements?

Although this really isn’t much fun, again, as mentioned above, it’s actually not a bad thing, this is your body’s normal and natural response to the detox, and is actually an indication that you are actually pretty toxic and your body wants to eliminate the crap as quickly as possible. Just rest, take it easy and allow your body to do what it needs, trust your body knows what it is doing. Keep your fluids up and snack as you feel you can.

Q. I’m constipated, what do I do?

It’s not a good thing to be constipated, so you want to stimulate the bowels as much as possible so to help eliminate the toxins. If your bowels are sluggish, you may actually reabsorb the toxins, back through the bowel wall, back into your circulation, so do what ever you need to do to keep them moving!

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, drink loads of water.

To perform a bowel flush, you can take a tablespoon of himalayan sea salt in 1 litre of warm water and drink within the hour. You can use epson salts to do this also. These protocols in the short term are safe, but we do not recommend doing this long term ongoing.

Q. I have a killer headache, what should I take?

There are loads of natural things you can do to ease a headache, remember this is a pretty common side effect of detoxing.

  • Get yourself some Turmeric capsules or add powdered turmeric to all your food. You can also juice fresh turmeric bulb
  • Soak a facewasher/flannel in warm salty (himalayan sea salt) and place 1-2 drops of peppermint oil on your forehead (over the headache) and leave the face washer there for 10-15 minutes.
  • Drink lots of water
  • Do a coffee enema
  • Lavender, Frankincense and Peppermint essential oils (I recommend Doterra) are also great pain relievers.