‘Detox & Live’

A comprehensive 14 day detoxification protocol to cleanse and restore at a cellular level, stimulating liver function, aiding digestion, healing inflammation, removing toxins restoring well being and kick starting stagnant or resistant weight loss.

‘Cleanse your body from the inside out, increase your energy levels and live your best life’

Key Features

  • 4 functional food supplements based on real foods, herbs and nutrients
  • Clear up on going digestive problems
  • Stimulate the liver
  • Heal skin problems
  • Improve energy levels
  • Treat constipation
  • Eliminate headaches
  • Supportive products to reduce classic ‘detox side effects’
  • Complete ‘how to’ guide and instructions
  • Safe and easily to follow
  • 14 day protocol with the flexibility to complete just 7 days depending on your level of commitment and experience
  • Naturopathically designed and facilitated

Program Outline

Your program has been designed by degree qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist, Stacey Foat, which means the eating plan, supplements and life style interventions have been specifically formulated to ensure an effective cleanse without out compromising health. This safe protocol is gentle enough for beginners to enjoy but thorough enough for more seasoned detoxers to undertake and reach deep detoxification shifts.

Your Detox Me kit includes enough product to undertake the program for 2 weeks, which is recommended for the maximum wellness benefits, however you can opt out of the program sooner if you prefer a shorter cleanse.

Brand new to Detoxing?

Share the journey with a loved one and under take the program for just 7 days each! This is an achievable time frame, even if you doubt your ability to stay away from toxic life style practices such as alcohol, coffee, sugar. You will be surprised just how compliant you can be when completing the program with a friend or family member helping to motivate you!

What to expect

A complete run down of the specifics of the program is available in your downloadable manual once you commence the program, but the most notable effect is that it is common to feel ‘flat’ during the first few days of your detox. Common symptoms include: headaches, tiredness, sore muscles, bloating, poor concentration and disrupted sleep – this is the normal effects of eliminating toxic substances from your body, BUT the program has been designed to minimize these effects through the use of the practitioner supplements and I guarantee you, these symptoms will generally pass after the first 24 hours in 90% of participants.

We Recommend

Coffee Enemas are a highly encouraged additive to your protocol, not only because they will facilitate an even deeper cleanse and help remove more toxins through your program, but also because an enema encourages the quick release of circulating toxins. It is the movement of these inflammatory toxins which create the classic ‘detox side effects’ so assisting these to release from the body as quickly as possible is the safest way to minimize and prevent the common symptoms associated with detoxification: headaches, tiredness, sore muscles, bloating, poor concentration and disrupted sleep


This program is Not suitable for:

Pregnant or breastfeeding women

Children under the age of 16

Frail elderly people (above 70)

Those with serious chronic illness

If you fall within one of the above categories but would like to undertake a detox, please book a private Naturopathic Consultation, where a Naturopath can create an individualized program specific for your needs. Book Here.

Please contact us on info@moment4life.com.au if you are on any of the following medication, so we can advise if this program is safe for you OR how we can alter the program to ensure is most effective and does not interact with medications

Epilepsy medication

Anti-psychotic medication

Anti-coagulant medication

All other medications are considered safe and can be taken during your detox.