Welcome To Balance Me

The Hormone Healing Program

Welcome to the most amazing, transformational, health boosting, hormonal regulating experience of your life.
Over the next 12 weeks you will be educated, revitalized, restored and balanced so that you are feeling your absolute best.


‘Balance Me’, the 12 week lifestyle program has been designed by degree qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist, Stacey Foat to assist you with the healthy regulation of hormone balancing and improvement of general well being.  The program is based on holistic therapies and natural medicine, years of clinical experience and scientific research, which although is not referenced through out for the sake of keeping the content ‘light’ fun and easy to understand, all suggestions are scientifically backed and supported by my Health Science Degree. As a medical disclaimer, I would like to point out that I AM NOT a medical practitioner and as a result this information should not replace your doctors advice. Please consult your GP is symptoms persist.


  • Women who are BREAST FEEDING need to implement some minor modifications, so please connect with your mentor through the Facebook support group upon commencing the program.

Prescription Medication

  • As a general rule, this program is safe to undertake for those on many different medications, but if you are unsure, please utilize the Balance Me, private Facebook support group for clearance.
  • If you are taking any of the following medications please seek medical assistance from your GP or practitioner before continuing or making any changes to your current medication.
  • We DO NOT RECOMMEND stopping any of your current prescription medications during the course of this program.

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Your Weekly ‘To Do List’ Includes a Food Focus, Action Plan & Health Kick Activity

Food Focus: Experiment with this food to heal your hormones

Action Plan: Apply this Health promoting Activity for faster results

Health Kick: Heal quicker by implementing these Strategies

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Week 1

Balance Me Week 1

  • Education Hub: Oestrogen Dominance
  • Symptoms of Oestrogen Dominance
  • Action: Dry Skin Brushing
  • Food Focus: Cruciferous Vegetables
  • Health Kick: Lemon Juice Starter
  • Balance Me Eating Guidelines
  • Balance Me Meal Plan & Recipe Guide
  • Balance Me Shopping List
  • Optional Investigation: Functional Pathology

Week 2

Balance Me Week 2

  • Starting the Balance Me Supplement Regime
  • Education Hub: The Adrenal Glands
  • Adrenal Health Assessment
  • Restoring Adrenal Function – Treatment Protocol
  • The three stages of Adrenal Dysfunction
  • Exercise & Adrenal Health
  • Addressing Your Stress Levels
  • Action – Basil & Rosemary Body Oil
  • Food Focus – Maca Powder
  • Health Kick – Holy Basil Herbal Tea
  • Adrenal Hormone Investigations
  • Managing Anxiety

Week 3

Balance Me Week 3

  • The Gut – Your 2nd Brain
  • The Role of the Digestive System in Hormone Regulation
  • Education Hub: The Digestive System & All its moving parts
  • Digestive Secretions
  • The Gut Lining – Healing Leaky Gut
  • The Gut Micro biome
  • Dealing with a Potential Parasite
  • Introducing Enemas
  • ACTION: Coffee Enemas & Garlic Enemas
  • The Gall Bladder
  • The Bowel
  • Food Focus: Fibre
  • Health Kick: Kombucha
  • Functional Pathology: Assessing Gut Health – Complete Stool Analysis

Week 4

Balance Me Week 4

  • The female reproductive cycle hormones – What is a normal Menstural cycle
  • Targeting specific issues associated with the Menstural cycle
  • How to chart your Menstural cycle
  • The Male Reproductive Cycle
  • Menopause – ‘The Change of Life’
  • Pathology Test Referral: General & Functional Pathology
  • Food Focus : ‘Heal Me’ healing digestive tonic
  • Action – Flushing the Digestive System – Gall bladder flush protocol
  • The Anti-Candida Protocol

Week 5

Balance Me Week 5

  • Check list  for Safe Detoxification – Are you ready to detox?
  • Health Evaluation – How far have you come since week 1?
  • Why do we need to detox to balance hormones?
  • Stage 2 Supplements – Supporting Detoxification
  • Stage 2 Eating plan – Eating to support a Detox
  • Why do I need to detox to balance my hormones?
  • What occurs in a detox?
  • Surviving a detox
  • Food Focus: Green Tea
  • Action: Detoxification Boost –  Bentonite Clay & Psyllium Protocol
  • Health Kick: Coconut Oil Pulling

Week 6

Balance Me Week 6

  • Weight Loss & The Role of our Hormones
  • Weight Management – why do our hormones make us Fat?
  • Blood Sugar Regulation & Our Hormones
  • Dieting & Weight Loss – Why Calorie Restriction doesn’t always work
  • Exercise, Weight Loss & the Adrenal Glands
  • Emotional Blocks to Weight Loss
  • Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • PCOS Treatment Plan
  • Food Focus: Cinnamon
  • WEEKLY ACTION: Armpit Detox 
  • Health Kick: Metab-a-boost Shot

Week 7

Balance Me Week 7

  • Education Hub: Introduction to your Thyroid Gland
  • Underactive Thyroid Condition – Hypothryoid
  • Over Active Thyroid Function – Hyperthyroid
  • Thyroid Auto-Immunity: Hashimoto’s & Graves Disease
  • Natural treatments for thyroid health
  • The Best Water Filter systems
  • Cystic Hormonal Acne
  • Food Focus: Mushrooms
  • Action: Natural DIY Seaweed Mask
  • Health Kick: Increase Natural Iodine

Week 8

Balance Me Week 8

  • Finishing up your Detox
  • Extending your Detox
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis & Fibroid Treatment Protocol
  • PMS Survival Guide
  • Pyrroles Disorder
  • The Oral Contraceptive Pill
  • Food Focus: Natural Sugars
  • Recipe: Salted Date Raw Chocolate
  • Action: Home Detox Protocol
  • Health Kick: Say No to Toxic Personal Care Products
  • The Juju Menstrual Cup

Week 9

Balance Me Week 9

  • Stage 3 Eating Guidelines – cruising into maintenance
  • Stage 3 Eating Plan
  • Stage 3 supplements
  • Balance Me the Supplement
  • Interpreting your blood test results
  • Hormonal Migraine Headaches
  • Inflammation Management
  • Food Focus: Turmeric
  • Action Plan: Active Meditation & Relaxation – Colouring
  • Health Kick: Yoni Steaming

Week 10

Balance Me Week 10

  • Mood & Emotional Well being
  • MTHFR Gene Mutation
  • Stress Management
  • The Emotional Freedom Technique
  • STD’s
  • Food Focus: Safron
  • Action Plan:
  • Heath Kick

Week 11

Balance Me Week 11

  • Fertility
  • Natural Contraception: Billings Method
  • Common Causes of Infertility
  • The Importance of Preconception Care
  • VITAL Nutrients for Preconception & Pregnancy
  • Ovulation – how to track and pinpoint
  • Food Focus: Avocado’s for womb care
  • Action Plan
  • Health Kick


WELCOME – this is your VIP pass to all our Practitioner only Naturopathic Tricks and Tools. Access to Practitioner only supplements and Referral forms for Functional Pathology Tests.

We are pleased to offer you

  • NATUROPATHIC SUPPORT (simply ask anything in your Facebook Private Support Group – Balance Me Babes)


Please note, it important that you have filled in your Health Evaluation Form (which you can download in week 1) if you intend on purchasing any additional Supplements, you may be asked to provide a scanned copy of your form at any point through the program for health insurance purposes.


A Collection of the most commonly asked questions, all collated in an easy to access spot for Balance Me Members. We’ll keep updating this weekly to keep you up to date! 

Please note: Your Mentors will be checking in to answer questions on the facebook page as often as possible, but if you are after an immediate response try here for a quick answer.