Stacey Foat

BHSc.NutMed. AdvDiv Nat.
Cert IV Massage Therapy

Cert III & IV Fitness & Personal Training

 Natural medicine has always been something that’s fascinated me, I’m extremely lucky to have found a  profession that allows me to share my knowledge and help others achieve their health goals, an extremely  rewarding and fulfilling process for me.  My passion for working with women, specifically assisting with  hormonal imbalances, Menopausal symptoms, PMS, fertility, weight loss, sugar and food addictions and  thyroid imbalances, came about due to my own personal health struggles.  I am 100% in awe of our amazing  human body and truly believe that nothing is ‘incurable’ once treated from a holistic angle supporting all the natural processes of the body and every system, right down to each individual cell from a physical, emotional and spiritual plane. I have proved through my own healing journey’s and witnessed many amazing clients heal themselves and create a more healthy, happy abundant life for themselves simply by applying the basic principles of health and well being.

Me and My Beach Cruiser, My favourite relaxation and escape

Me and My Beach Cruiser, My favourite relaxation and escape



 At age 27, I was diagnosed as having commenced menopause, with no explanation as to why. In the  mainstream medical model opinion, I was just one of the ‘unlucky ones’. The only advice I was given was  to try and start conceiving as soon as possible as the only hope of having a family.

My symptoms were varied; heavy, irregular periods, unexplained weight gain, emotional lows, severe

Stop Trying To Fit in - You Were Born To Stand Out!

Stop Trying To Fit in – You Were Born To Stand Out!

fatigue and hot flushes.  As a single woman, certainly not  looking to start a family on my own, I drew on my  knowledge as a Naturopath and was able to overcome my  diagnosis by addressing the underlying causes, rather than  accept defeat and simply mask the symptoms with synthetic  hormone replacement therapy.  Within 6 months I had  completely reversed all the debilitating symptoms, with  some simple lifestyle changes and nutritional and herbal medicine. I shudder to think how very different the outcome could have been if it wasn’t for my knowledge in the Natural medicine field.

From here I developed a burning desire to help women suffering from the same issues I experienced and bridge the gap between conventional medicine and natural therapies, and offer hope to those who have accepted monthly PMS as normal or worse continue to expose themselves to dangerous synthetic hormone treatments which merely mask symptoms and cause havoc on the precious reproductive system.  I very much consider myself a

‘complementary medicine therapist’ and aim to work alongside doctors to help women feel and look their best. Because lifes too short to not enjoy every ‘moment 4 life’.


Skydiving above Moffat Beach, Caloundra

Skydiving above Moffat Beach, Caloundra

I love connecting with others and in particular connecting with myself – discovering all the      amazing things about myself which are every

changing, growing and evolving on this journey through life. Cooking, exercising, meditating,   studying, learning, meeting new people, sharing good times with friends and family and    exploring the amazing powers of the human mind are how I spend my days, its all one big

Sunsets by the Water & Quality time with Friends

Sunsets by the Water & Quality time with Friends

learning experience with everyday a new    opportunity to wander out of my comfort zone  and explore new ideas, new beliefs, new concepts  and new experiences.

It is my dream to help each and every person I come into contact with to share this same enthusiasm and curiosity for life, through conquering self-esteem, self-realisation and never limiting oneself’s potential through negative thinking or feeling. We were all born with brilliance burning within us and to live your best life is to allow this to flow and spread this infectious brilliance around those we share our daily lives with.

Moment 4 Life Health & Living – Live Your Best life Xx



Bachelor of Health Science; Degree in Nutritional Medicine

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy 

Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis

Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner 

Usui Reiki 1 & 2; Under Richard Giakoumis, Reiki Master/Teacher

 AAMET EFT Level 1 & 2 Certification; Emotional Freedom Technique

Certificate IV – Relaxation Swedish Massage

Certificates III and IV in Fitness/Personal Training

Hemaview: Accreditation in Live Blood Analysis

Vitality, Longevity & Healthy Aging Program; Accreditation in Bio-impedance Analysis of Body Composition

ANTA Membership/accreditation (Registered Practitioner) 

HLTFA301B – Apply First Aid & HLTCPR201A – Perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation